Abby Frucht

Selected Works

Short Stories
These 14 stories share a subject - children and childhood - but other than a taste for the unfamilar they are all about as different as they can be. Like my other stories, novels, and essays, I hope that they expose readers to dark events via a playful and sensual perspective, exploring the mysterious, eccentric aspects of all our lives and how they sometimes mislead us and go astray.
Winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Prize
A young mother dies in childbirth, and comes back, a sly ghost, to haunt her son.
Through a host of strange, magical objects, a woman with breast cancer dreams the future she'll never have.
This novel follows a politically and philosophically-minded couple through the evolution of their reproductive life.
A mail carrier in a dreamy Midwestern town charts the unexplained disappearance of its inhabitants.
A typical tale of a marriage gone awry? Well, no.

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