Abby Frucht

Selected Works

Short Stories
These 14 stories share a subject - children and childhood - but other than a taste for the unfamilar they are all about as different as they can be. Like my other stories, novels, and essays, I hope that they expose readers to dark events via a playful and sensual perspective, exploring the mysterious, eccentric aspects of all our lives and how they sometimes mislead us and go astray.
Winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Prize
A young mother dies in childbirth, and comes back, a sly ghost, to haunt her son.
Through a host of strange, magical objects, a woman with breast cancer dreams the future she'll never have.
This novel follows a politically and philosophically-minded couple through the evolution of their reproductive life.
A mail carrier in a dreamy Midwestern town charts the unexplained disappearance of its inhabitants.
A typical tale of a marriage gone awry? Well, no.

A Well-Made Bed, written collaboratively with Laurie Alberts, is a novel of friendship, lust, plagiarism, dementia, murder, betrayal, and a mysterious wheel of Peruvian cheese

"Centered on the conspiratorial relationship between two women, A Well-Made Bed, fittingly a collaboration by two women, explores how seemingly simple people can be swept up in dangerous schemes. These modern Vermonters exhibit a wily, formidable strength as they scrape their way out of bad situations, making the best of the cards they've been dealt." -- Annie Atherton, Shelf Awareness

"The first time I read a story by Abby Frucht I experienced something we all want when engaging with art. I felt completely full, and thrilled, and scared. I walked out into the cold night and kept walking. Not lost, but needing to be in the world because after reading Frucht the world felt different, it felt more intimate. The Bell at the End of a Rope is an incredible, ecstatic, funny, dark collection. Reading it is much like watching a house on fire: there is danger, but there is also beauty, light, and above all...heat" --Matthew Dickman

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